Saturday, January 28, 2012

Toy Story 3

Last weekend we went to Toy Story 3 - and like most Disney productions this did not disappoint.  All the characters showed up...the only thing that was a little weird was that Buzz Lightyear was Asian...that was just a little strange but he could skate.  We had a great time!  Got my Goofy fix....

Can you see the little green men....they are on their knees....they did get up and skate but most of the time that they were on the ice they were on their knees...that is dedication!  And Mr. & Mrs. PotatoHead were hilarious...the other characters kept rearranging their faces....or taking their parts and throwing them on the ice....

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  1. I totally had a mind fart about this. Bella would have loved it. Looked like fun!