Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kauai - Day 2 continued

After the amazing plane ride we still had a few hours to we headed to Duke's to have some lunch and have some of the Hula Pie that we had heard so much about.  The food did not disappoint...the view was pretty good as well since it sits right on a beach and oh my word...the Hula Pie....YUM!
Now doesn't that just look like heaven on a plate...seriously...macadamia nut ice cream on a chocolate crust...with whipped fudge and macadamia nuts sprinkled on top...and the only place you can get it as far as I know is at Duke's in Hawaii.....this alone is a reason to go back.  Oh and I'm sure that there are no calories involved at all.
We had to back on the ship by 1:30 since the ending to this awesome trip is a sail-by the Na'Pali Coastline and with having the aft balcony - we could hardly wait.  We had a couple of whales that decided to see us off which just put the cherry on top of a perfect trip.  We even had one breach right off the back of the ship...I didn't get him in the air but here he is hitting the water.
The crowning point of the trip...really.
Then we reached the Na'Pali Coast....I would love to be able to take a smaller boat ride to this area the size of these cliffs is just without words

Can you see the face?

Our very last sunset in Hawaii - at least for this trip.

Kauai - Day 2

Just realized that I never finished my Hawaii trip.....oops....our last day on Kauai was met with lots of clouds and it had rained through the night....not looking good for a flight over the Na'Pali Coastline and the Island itself....we made our way to the Anchor Mall to wait for pick-up from Wings Over Kauai and while waiting we received a phone call from them telling us that they were trying to decide if it was safe enough to go up.  Pretty soon they showed up for our pick-up and told us that we had the choice of making the decision to go up or not - it was safe enough but that they had no idea what we would actually be able to see....after debating back and forth we decided to go for it....I don't think it was a mistake at all - the other couple that was suppose to go with us had decided against going....oh mean we have the entire plane to ourselves.....we boarded and I was lucky enough to get the front seat....our pilot was awesome and explained everything that he was doing while we lifted off and then was extremely knowledgable about the area...wish I would of taken notes or recorded him or something because I sure couldn't remember everything that he told us about.....

This has to be the most beautiful island of all of the ones that we visited.  We loved every island that we were on so much that we couldn't pick a favorite.  I think what are plans are is to visit each island in the next few years.  We are starting by going back next year to Oahu!  Spending a week on each will give us more time to explore what makes each one special.

Day Trip

We decided last week that we wanted to go check out Meteor Crater - neither of us had been there or could remember being there so we decided that today would be the day.  Then on Thursday we were watching the news and they showed pictures and talked about a place called Grand Falls that is up on the Navajo Indian Reservation just East of Flagstaff - so we decided to head there since it stated that it was only flowing from about April-June....we after 10 miles of washboard dirt road.....this is what we saw

See all that water...what you don't - "oh come on...something that was on the news wasn't leading me astray....didn't tell us that the segment could of been taped a month ago to get the awesome shots that they is the "waterfall"  yes a little drizzle down to land on that rock and make a little trickle was a tad disappointing but we had a good time on the ride in and there were beautiful rock formations so the trip was worth it...besides I got to talk to these lovely ladies on our way out and they posed so nicely for a few shots.

We also had the fortune of seeing the backside of the San Francisco Peaks and they were just gorgeous today

We then headed to Meteor Crater....and it was a fascinating place.....

If you live here and haven't been...go and if you don't live here and are planning a trip...add this...

This was a sign into the crater...just thought it was pretty funny.....we finished off the trip with a drive through Sedona....which it never seems to disappoint...

A perfect way to end a wonderful day!  Next up...I'm thinking Antelope Canyon....need to do some research first though