Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hilo Day 4

We woke up to rain and it was pretty solid the entire day and from my weather reports it had been raining earlier in the week and was still raining when we left Hawai’i on Saturday.  I know that some people let this keep them from their plans but we headed out since we love the rain to begin with and besides we were in Hawai'i how bad can it get.   We headed towards Volcanoes National Park and went to the Visitor's Center and then to the museum.  It was still raining pretty well but we made our way down the Chain of Craters Road - this is just unbelievable and the feeling that you get walking around pretty much on an active volcano is pretty surreal.  We made it clear to the end and then I walked the additional what 1/2 mile or so to where the lava came across the road...I figured I hadn't come this far to not make that trek and lo and behold the rain subsided long enough for me to get there and get back before it started up again.  The seas were pretty rough that day so the waves crashing into the side were spectacular and the Hole'i Arch was beautiful. 

We also made a stop at the Orchid Farm - which there is not much to say except that those flowers are just beautiful....we didn't see the $20,000 dollar one but we did see the sister to it and I have to say with beauty and all...still can't see spending that kind of money for a flower...especially one that you have to handle with kid gloves to get them to live at least here in Arizona.
We then headed to the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory...oh this was a BIG wallet took a direct hit.  I am a huge macadamia nut fan and to be surrounded by them in every possible form I had a hard time deciding what I wanted.  We ended up with our selection and checked out.  Found out later that our favorite so far has been the Onion and Garlic ones – ended up picking up more of these later in the trip.  We headed out back of the store and had some macadamia nut ice cream....yum!  It was a great end to a very nice day.

Madame Pele'

Holei Arch

Sister of the $20,000 Orchid

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  1. Wow, looks so pretty! Glad you guys had a great time!