Friday, March 2, 2012


Maui – Day 1

We had the Road to Hana planned today with Valley Isle Tours.  We get to the meeting point and our van is pulling up to meet us.  David our tour driver for the day and he did an outstanding job.  It started out as a pretty dreary rainy day but that didn't let us hold us back.  He stopped at just about every waterfall that was out there and let me tell you there were a ton.  My DH is a little impaired when it comes to walking due to arthritis and Dave was so fantastic - never made him feel rushed or pushed him at all.  This tour takes you around in a circle instead of going part of the way and then turning around.  We were also in a van instead of a big bus - I think there was something like 12 of us on the bus.  At our first stop Dave pointed out turtles in the water – I think I caught a glimpse of one of their heads but he said that this is a very popular beach for wasn’t too far from the ship.  When we started on the Road to Hana – he stopped at the first waterfall and I mentioned that he could do that all he wanted to so he did – seriously we stopped at tons of waterfalls all the way thru the trip.  We stopped for the world famous banana bread at Aunt Sandy’s and they ran out before we could get up there so Dave kindly stopped at another roadside stand to get us some more and the place he stopped had a bunch of fruit as well and let us sample some of it.  We spent quite a bit of time at Black Sand Beach - enough time to enjoy the beach and use the facilities if it was necessary.  We stopped at a house on the side of the road that sold flowers and bouquets that shipped anywhere and this is also where we had our lunch - which was quite tasty – it included macaroni salad, chicken, drinks, rolls and dessert – which was chocolate covered macadamia nuts - yum.  We stopped at the Oheo Gulch which is a little bit of a hike to get to them and we couldn’t swim in since the waters were running at such a rate.  We visited Charles Lindbergh’s grave.  At one point on the back side of Hana, Dave stopped and pointed out some waterfalls up the mountain – one of the ladies on the tour said she counted 19 of them...breathtaking.  Our last stop before returning to the ship was at the winery - which I think is probably a mandatory stop.  The wine was pretty tasty but we didn't purchase any.  All and all I wasn’t big on taking a tour but I would highly recommend Valley Isle – you definitely get your money’s worth and you don’t have all the hassle of driving the road and someone not enjoying the day.  I know that several people say that it isn’t that bad of a road and it really isn’t if that is what you want to do is drive...but if you want to look at the scenery and enjoy the views then this is the way to go.

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