Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kauai - Day 2

Just realized that I never finished my Hawaii trip.....oops....our last day on Kauai was met with lots of clouds and it had rained through the night....not looking good for a flight over the Na'Pali Coastline and the Island itself....we made our way to the Anchor Mall to wait for pick-up from Wings Over Kauai and while waiting we received a phone call from them telling us that they were trying to decide if it was safe enough to go up.  Pretty soon they showed up for our pick-up and told us that we had the choice of making the decision to go up or not - it was safe enough but that they had no idea what we would actually be able to see....after debating back and forth we decided to go for it....I don't think it was a mistake at all - the other couple that was suppose to go with us had decided against going....oh mean we have the entire plane to ourselves.....we boarded and I was lucky enough to get the front seat....our pilot was awesome and explained everything that he was doing while we lifted off and then was extremely knowledgable about the area...wish I would of taken notes or recorded him or something because I sure couldn't remember everything that he told us about.....

This has to be the most beautiful island of all of the ones that we visited.  We loved every island that we were on so much that we couldn't pick a favorite.  I think what are plans are is to visit each island in the next few years.  We are starting by going back next year to Oahu!  Spending a week on each will give us more time to explore what makes each one special.

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