Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day Trip

We decided last week that we wanted to go check out Meteor Crater - neither of us had been there or could remember being there so we decided that today would be the day.  Then on Thursday we were watching the news and they showed pictures and talked about a place called Grand Falls that is up on the Navajo Indian Reservation just East of Flagstaff - so we decided to head there since it stated that it was only flowing from about April-June....we after 10 miles of washboard dirt road.....this is what we saw

See all that water...what you don't - "oh come on...something that was on the news wasn't leading me astray....didn't tell us that the segment could of been taped a month ago to get the awesome shots that they is the "waterfall"  yes a little drizzle down to land on that rock and make a little trickle was a tad disappointing but we had a good time on the ride in and there were beautiful rock formations so the trip was worth it...besides I got to talk to these lovely ladies on our way out and they posed so nicely for a few shots.

We also had the fortune of seeing the backside of the San Francisco Peaks and they were just gorgeous today

We then headed to Meteor Crater....and it was a fascinating place.....

If you live here and haven't been...go and if you don't live here and are planning a trip...add this...

This was a sign into the crater...just thought it was pretty funny.....we finished off the trip with a drive through Sedona....which it never seems to disappoint...

A perfect way to end a wonderful day!  Next up...I'm thinking Antelope Canyon....need to do some research first though

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  1. I couldn't help but think of that TLC song that has these lyrics in it... "Don't go chasing waterfalls please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to" when you told me there was no waterfall!! : ) Beautiful pictures. I can look at pictures of Sedona all day.